Senior Design

Working in the Tunnel April 11, 2013

Working in the Tunnel 1
Control Housing
Working in the Tunnel 2
Pitot Sensor Arm
Cable Carrier Trough
Cable Carrier Connector and Rail
Upwind Pulley
Static Tunnel Sensors
Traverse System Belt Clamp
Downwind Pulley, Driveshaft, and Cable Carrier Connector
X-Axis Motor and Drive Shaft

Working in the Tunnel April 12, 2013

Assembled Cable Carrier + Adam
Wires Attached to All Componentts
Wires Exiting Cable Carrier
Wind Tunnel Exterior

The (Nearly) Finished Product April 14, 2013

Assembled System
Cable Carrier Attached
Pitot Tube Attached
System w/ Pitot Tube at Artificial Hills
System Ready for Boundary Layer Experiments

.mov Videos

Moving System 1
Moving System 2

Traverse System! April 19, 2013

.mov Videos

Mounted Camera

Other Files

System Assembly.docx